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10 Top Tips Hospitality Operators Need To Know About Getting Integration Right

With hospitality operators under increased pressure due to rises in the living wage, rent, business rates and food prices, there is an ever-increasing opportunity for technology and integration to drive greater efficiencies and elevate customer service within the sector.

Here are 10 key considerations to getting integration right for hospitality operators:

1. Work with suppliers that are constantly evolving

With technology continuing to evolve at such a significant pace, hospitality operators need to stay ahead of the curve by choosing an EPoS partner that regularly develops its offering to deliver a holistic, smart solution.

2. Bring together experts in each field

We know that hospitality operators are looking to invest in cutting-edge solutions that will seamlessly integrate complex tasks such as payments, mobile ordering, loyalty, online ordering, kitchen automation and queue management. With many also seeking the ability to easily extract data and insights from these solutions in order to make better informed decisions for their business. As such, suppliers should be coming together to drive the integration message to allow operators to achieve that all-important flexibility at the point of sale.

3. You won’t keep pace without the right partners

For hospitality operators that have already started arming themselves with technology as a means of future-proofing their business, it is important to remember that technological advancements within the sector are evolving at a pace that is almost impossible to match. In the time it takes an operator to adopt a new solution, there is already an update in motion or new entrants to the market.

4. Work on a collective, open platform with an EPoS partner

In order to remain a step ahead, operators should look to work on a collective, open platform with an EPoS partner that is willing to adapt to change, adopt new technologies and ultimately, grow with their business, as times inevitably change. Now that is a future-proof system.
5. Don’t let your EPoS provider hold you back

Through integrations, EPoS suppliers can remove the barriers to expansion for multi-site operators, whilst setting a precedent for competitors in the hospitality space. In fact, those that don’t collaborate will certainly see themselves left behind, given the level of saturation in the marketplace.

6. Ensure the platform is scalable to grow with your business

Customer needs will naturally change, which means that an operator’s business requirements will need to evolve in line with this. Therefore, the EPoS system must be scalable to not only meet today’s requirements but also adapt to possible future trends.

7. Select a modular platform to choose the parts you need

A one-size-fits-all approach is not the best solution for a hospitality operator. An EPoS system should allow an operator to choose the modules they require and ignore the modules they don’t. This flexibility ensures that the EPoS solution chosen is suitable for the specific needs of the business.

8. Beware of the headline grabbers

When choosing an EPoS partner, it is crucial that operators select one with a history of proven integration and not just a headline grabber, like some, who promote on integrations, but have only delivered on one or two concepts.

9. Don’t ignore the basics!

Whilst integrations are the key to future success, operators must not ignore the fundamentals when selecting a new EPoS system. A system that has evolved over many years will have all the fundamentals required for the complex hospitality sector, plus have the ability to add new innovations if required.

10. Suppliers’ industry experience

Hospitality operators should partner with a company that has experience in the industry and therefore understands their needs and the needs of their customers. Utilising the expertise of their EPoS provider to maximise the effectiveness of the system could prove hugely beneficial.

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