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3 Minutes to Your Own Branded Virtual Waiter

By the time you have read this you could have generated a mobile web app for your business with OrderZing that drives your customers to order more food and drink than ever before, whilst making them happier than ever.  In a move that OrderZing believes will disrupt the industry, we are providing a low cost monthly solution to take orders with ease from your customers’ mobile devices.

The web app, that you can create yourself in 3 minutes, not only matches the functionality of big chain rivals, but exceeds them.  All you need to do is enter your menu, specify your brand colours through your web portal account, and your app is ready to use.  The app will manage the order process entirely, including taking payment and emailing the customer their receipt.  OrderZing supports both in-venue ordering direct from their table and pre-order/takeaway, slipping seamlessly into your current operation.  Every account comes with an internet connected OrderZing printer that sits behind the bar or in the kitchen, meaning you’ll never miss an order, but tickets can also be checked via the web portal – the same place you check your cash balance for orders already taken, or can even be emailed direct to you or your supplier – perfect where dining is out-sourced.

OrderZing enables you to process orders that otherwise might be missed, whilst enhancing your customer’s’ experience of your brand, at the most convenient time for them.  Promoting mobile ordering inside and out of your venue means you lift the restriction on the number of orders you can process at any one time, as with a traditional waiter or phone service.  One of the biggest strengths of OrderZing comes in the shape of repeat orders with a saved payment card.  Once you have used a payment card once, it can be saved and reused which makes repeat ordering very straight forward for the customer, not to mention cashless – proven to raise average spend as there is no physical cash or card to get in the way.  If you would like to order that extra coffee or beer, just tap and the payment is taken and the ticket is printed in the kitchen or bar immediately.  Not only does spend increase, but average time for an order is reduced and table turn is increased.  All these percentage gains can make the difference between profit and loss in what is a highly competitive industry always pushing to please the customer and look after that bottom line.

OrderZing is geared towards small to medium operators providing cutting edge technology that is constantly evolving, inside a fixed monthly fee.  Developing an app of your own is a huge undertaking both financially and practically; with no large up front investment small venues do not need to risk the pitfalls when OrderZing provides online ordering out of the box.  OrderZing allows you to compete with bigger operators with bigger budgets and more resources on a level playing field.

It is not just ordering though.  OrderZing also provide a range of marketing services to
help promote the venue to their customers from flyer design to popup banners and table numbers with QR codes linking directly to the app.  OrderZing understand the problems facing small venues and our support staff are here to support you in the adoption of new technology to ensure it brings success to your venue.   Benefits include the ability to send real time notifications direct to customer devices, update your menu instantaneously, or take advantage of the in-app advertising and promotions such as voucher codes and offers.

Visit OrderZingApp.com for details, or call 01256 486557 or sales@OrderZing.com

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