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3 Reasons Your Hotel Should Switch to Low-Water Washing Machines

Major updates to essential hotel operations are almost always a bit of a struggle. From cost analysis and budget approvals to process changes and equipment installations, updating something like hotel laundry equipment isn’t a decision hoteliers take lightly.

However, these updates—though sometimes difficult—have real benefits for both your hotel and your guests. If you’re on the fence about switching your hotel to low-water washing machines, here are four factors to consider:

Low-Water Washing Machines Save Money

Low-water washing cuts down that water usage, and thus, the costs associated with it. Your hotel won’t recoup the costs of an upgrade overnight, but you can see significant savings even in the first year.

Hot Water Washing Can Actually Damage Linens

By cutting down on the water—and more importantly, the hot water—in your laundry with low-water washing machines, you can still achieve that superior clean without causing so much stress on your linens.

Green Initiatives Attract and Impress Guests

Today’s travelers expect a certain level of environmental consciousness in their hotels, and they will choose hotels based on that expectation.

The Xeros low-water washing machine is already helping hotels in the UK make this update. So, are you ready to make the switch?
To find out more, call our team today, on 0114 2699 656 or visit xeroscleaning.com

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