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5 Top Cellar Management Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

Savings can simply be made by adjusting your cellar management. Here Clear Brew has outlined a few useful management tips to help you reduce beer waste and save money.

1. Beer is classed as food and should be treated in line with Health and Safety Legislation. Regularly checking the date on beer and rotating older stock to the front will help to reduce the amount of beer wasted.

2. The cellar should be maintained between 11-13ᵒC. If it’s too cold, your ales may become hazy and flat. Too warm results in fobbing, wastage, poor product quality, and ultimately reduced profits.

3. Cellar hygiene is crucial for protecting beer quality and preventing waste. This includes cleaning the cellar, maintaining the beer lines, and ensuring that all associated equipment is functioning correctly. Using a company such as Clear Brew which provides a fully managed 3-weekly service will also help reduce waste and water, chemical and gas usage.

4. Stock control is important for preventing beer wastage. If needed, order smaller container sizes and ensure a keg is used within 5 days and a cask in 3 days.

5. Turning off all dispense gases at the end of the day not only reduces risk if there is a leak overnight, but it also reduces the chance of kegged products becoming over-carbonated, which in turn can impact yields and profit.

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