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A Bright Start for Sun Rum

20180905_184857-01In an ever-changing industry, new ideas are ten a penny. Many of which come and go before taking hold. This next one however feels different, because it boldly is. The rum sector is an emerging market with both golden and spiced styles, known to be making good progress in recent months. Sun Rum has decided to ride this wave with an unexpected and untested new, modern styled brand aimed at a younger customer. So far, the data looks like it’s decision to disrupt the market at this time will pay dividends.

Launched just this July, the brand can be found mainly in on-trade, late night venues where it’s strategy to partner with DJs and club promoters seems to act as a vehicle to showcase it’s vibrant image to new customers. Taste wise, it comes across smooth, slightly sweet and full of aroma however without the expected burn, many rums adopt. Sun Rum have decided to blend rums aged up to 5 years from Cuba, Barbados and The Dominican Republic.

To take a further look at them, visit www.sun-rum.com and search them on the usual social media channels. A bright future is predicted, will others follow this trend?

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