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A Giant Leap Forward in Affordable Induction Cooking

Up until now and across the foodservice industry, the cost of induction has been prohibitive to many, meaning it has only been realistic for top chefs and the most elite kitchens. However, this is all about to change, thanks to an exciting new launch from British manufacturer, Burco by Glen Dimplex Professional Appliances, in the shape of the new Titan Induction Range Cooker.

Built using the latest innovative induction technology, the new British manufactured Titan Induction Range features a unique, five zone induction cooking hob, complete with a large 2/1 gastronorm compatible oven. Having already forged a reputation for reliability, this exciting new launch will take the brand’s portfolio to an entirely new level, offering the flexibility demanded by a modern kitchen combined with exceptional energy efficiency, and what’s more, thanks to the unique design, the Titan Induction Range is compatible with both a single or multi-phase power supply.

What’s more, because induction technology generates the heat inside the pan, it means surrounding surfaces will be cooler to touch and with a heavy duty glass hob, it is simple to wipe clean and maintain. The technology also offers instantaneous heat thanks to its very nature and design. Making the most of this instant heat, the Titan Induction range features simple to operate temperature dials, which allow the chef to adjust the power according to their needs and an instant response altering the temperature to prevent overcooking or burning.

Taking existing induction technology to the next level, the new Titan Induction Range features five independently controlled cooking zones, four x 1.9kW with one centrally located 2.6kW, each zone also features a ‘Boost’ mode for when additional power is required. This boost function allows the operator to inject a 10-minute power increase for when rapid heating is required. For further energy saving and safety, the Titan unit also features Advanced Smart Pan Detection technology, meaning the unit will only ever consume power and generate heat when a pan is in place. A choice of three pre-set cooking

controls, ‘melt’, ‘simmer’ or ‘cook’ along with the ability to select your own temperature setting on a 1-9 temperature control ensures maximum versatility and simplicity.

The Titan range comes with a 6mm thick glass hob to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen and with heavy-duty fitted castors as standard and side opening oven doors, giving chefs easier access in compact kitchen environments. Fitted with easy-to-replace air filtration cartridges, operators can be confident in the ongoing efficiency and smooth running of their appliance over a sustained period.

For further information on the Titan Induction Range manufactured by Burco Commercial please visit
or call 0344 815 3742.

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