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A Healthy Perspective On Beer – New Report

BBPA-logoA new report commissioned by the BBPA, ‘A healthy perspective on beer?’, has been released.

The report reveals details of a new research paper that confirms, contrary to popular belief, beer is low in sugar compared to other alcoholic drinks.

The study analysed the calorific content of 52 separate alcoholic drinks, and found that the majority of beers sampled contained less than 1g of sugar per 100ml, with higher alcohol beers rising to 1.5g per 100ml.

‘A healthy perspective on beer?’ is a follow up to the award-winning ‘Beer, The Natural Choice?’ published in 2010.

Authored by health journalist, Isla Whitcroft, the report includes comment from experts in their field, in order to correct some of the common myths and misinformation about beer and provide an educational, informative and balanced perspective on beer.

A new poll, commissioned alongside the report, also highlights that, despite being perceived by a majority as Britain’s national drink (57%), members of the public misunderstand the nutritional content of beer, believing it to be high in sugar, fattening, and with a high calorific content.

Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive, BBPA, comments:

“In the five years since our last report there has been an increasing focus on, and interest in, the nutritional content of what we eat and drink. At the same time a whole new body of scientific research has been released which highlights the nutritional and health benefits of our great British drink when enjoyed in moderation. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to challenge many of the misconceptions around beer not least, as our latest consumer poll shows, around sugar content and calorific values.”

The full report can be accessed on The Natural Choice website.

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