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A Taste of the Future

AsimoMeet Asimo, which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, who could be coming to a bar, restaurant, or cafe near you!

Asimo was unveiled last week at a technology show in Brussels, Using the visual information captured by the two cameras in its head, and can sense the movement of numerous objects, calculating distance and direction.

Its human-like hands can open a bottle, pour a drink and carry goods while also expressing sign language.

Standing at 4.3 feet (1.3 metres) the gentle-handed robot can also hold a soft paper cup to pour liquid without crushing it!

Satoshi Shigemi, chief engineer, Asmio, said: ‘For the first time in Europe, Honda is demonstrating the all-new Asimo- the latest generation of Honda’s remarkable research into humanoid robotics.

‘Previous generations of Asimo have demonstrated incredible fluidity and speed of movements.

‘The all-new Asimo takes this mobility, task performing ability and interaction with people to the next level and moves Honda one step closer to its ultimate goal of developing a robot that can be a helper to people in need.’

Honda said that Asimo is still in development and there are no plans at present to commercialise the robot.

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