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Adande® Refrigeration Launching Grab & Go Cabinet at Hotelympia

Adande® Refrigeration will launch its NEW refrigerated, open-front Grab & Go cabinet on stand 1449 at Hotelympia, ExCel London, on 5-8 March 2018.

The integral multi-deck incorporates patented Aircell® technology, which significantly reduces cold air spillage from the cabinet. Suited to harsh environments: cross-draughts/higher ambient conditions have a detrimental effect on performance of conventional cabinets. Less cold air spillage provides a significant reduction in energy for cost savings, tighter holding temperatures for longer shelf life, and warmer store ambient temperature improving customer comfort.

Developed for the food-to-go sector, it is the result of extensive laboratory and field testing. During a recent in-store trial at a food hall, over a three week period, energy consumption of a prototype cabinet was measured as 53.6% less than the store’s existing open-front multi-deck display. Energy consumption represented an annual saving of £660.65. Furthermore, the company claims that had a night blind been deployed on the Aircell® unit, (as it was on the existing cabinet), the calculated adjustment of reduced energy consumption would have been 57.9%, representing a £714.13 annual saving!

The narrow temperature range of the Aircell® cabinet helps to maintain freshness, appearance and food quality – reducing need for price discounting or waste.
Contact Details:

Karl Hodgson (Sales Director) – Tel: 07805 087220 (direct) or +44(0)1502 537135 (office)
karlh@adande.com or sales@adande.com





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