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Add Romantic Ambience with Clearcraft

Valentines night is just around the corner and everybody is looking for a lovely romantic ambience. But nobody is looking for the horrible waxy mess that you so often get with wax candles. Every time you move them, wax spills everywhere. Customers play with them and make more mess. You get a lot of wastage, throwing half used tea lights away.

They don’t last a full service and they look ugly.

It’s time to switch to oil candles. Mess free, wax free but with a real flame, our glass oil candles provide the perfect ambience. We have over fifty designs to choose from. If you need something for small tables, elegant pieces for the mantelpiece, lanterns or candles for a candelabra, we have something perfect for you.

Give us a call to take advantage of our Free sample Service or simply go on line at www.clearcraft-catering.co.uk

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