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Are You Bored of Traditional POS? So Were We. Then APOS Happened

APOS – The Complete Restaurant Management System.

APOS Combines the functionality of existing POS software, analytics, accounting and inventory into one application with the addition of great new features.

We offer solutions for both start-up cafes and multiple-outlet enterprise businesses. Here are a few reasons why you should choose APOS:

• Save money: APOS recognises trends in your weekly inventory orders, calculating the amount of ingredients you are using, making amendment suggestions on your weekly orders.

• Save time: Drinks orders are delivered straight to the bar. At busy times, it’s always more efficient to share the workload, but not always easy to verbally share information with the rest of your team. Everyone is constantly connected, if you’re free, you always have something next on the list.

• Efficient communication: Live order view combined with instant notifications keep everyone in your team informed about order status, whilst your chefs can easily keep track of order contents and quickly notify waiting staff when needed.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly we transitioned into using the new system (APOS), my staff took to the new interface with ease. The APOS team provided me with an individual solution, providing me with all the hardware and software I need to run efficiently.”

– Ruman Karim, The Gandhi Restaurant, Portsmouth

For further information, contact APOS on 0207 093 3137, Mobile: 07568 333623 or visit www.accent-itservices.co.uk

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