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Are You Using Your Bar Area to its Potential?

The bar stool is one of those must have items for bars, cafés and casual dining locations alike. They have become an indispensable part of the interior for food establishments in particular. And there’s good reason.

Designated areas
For a restaurant, the bar area can be almost as lucrative as its food. Whether diners arrive early for a drink, are waiting for a table to become free or simply visit just for a social drink, having a designated area is essential.

Social experience
Additionally, bar stools can be paired with high-rise tables to be used for casual dining. Bar stools add a new element to a restaurant and provide customers with the option of traditional dining or a social experience on the stools. That’s all without mentioning the space saving qualities and economical value that bar stools provide.

Buying bar furniture
Trent Furniture has been supplying bar stools for over 50 years and house an ever-expanding range of designs, making it easy to find the right style and price for every interior. Tall bar stools start from just £24.90 (exc VAT).

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