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Average Dinner Date Spend Revealed

New research into British attitudes towards paying for meals out has revealed the average amount consumers are willing to part with for key dining dates, with wedding anniversary dinners coming out on top at £97.

The research by restaurant booking service OpenTable, the study found that consumers are will to spend an average of:

  1. £97 for wedding anniversary dinners
  2. £86 on their husband/wife’s birthday dinner
  3. £77 – ‘date night’ with their other half
  4. £73 on Mother’s Day lunch
  5. £72 – dinner with a first date
  6. £66 for Father’s Day lunch

Perhaps surprisingly, the top three expenditures all involve treating spouses – with wedding anniversary dinners costing almost a third more (£31) than a Father’s Day lunch. We’re also willing to spend more on Mother’s Day lunch than Father’s Day and on a first date.

Adrian Valeriano, OpenTable European vice president, said: “Taking someone out for a meal is the easily one of the best ways of spending time together, connecting over great food and great company.

“But the biggest worry can often be how much you should spend – too little and you don’t impress, while too much is seen as extravagant. Tasting menus for special occasions, and offers or set menus on dining holidays like Mother’s Day, provide a fantastic opportunity for diners to opt for something a little special whilst already knowing the cost of the bill before tucking in.”

Backing this up, the research also found that “almost four in ten British men insist on splitting the bill when eating out with their other half” – while 23% think it fair to split 50/50, 16% would rather split the bill based on exactly what each person ate/drunk.

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