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BRC Statement On Halal/Kosher Meat

“British retailers know that animal welfare standards are a key issue for their consumers. All own brand meat from major UK supermarkets comes from animals that have been stunned before they are killed and all our members have confirmed all their own brand fresh meat is from animals that have been pre-stunned before slaughter.

However, we understand there are some customers who want meat from animals that have been slaughtered in accordance with strict religious protocols and in relevant stores meat produced by specialist producers is available with clear certification that is branded halal and kosher certified meat produced by specialist companies.

There appears to be some confusion over meat that may be produced for a potential Halal market but is sold as own brand but all those animals are stunned prior to slaughter. As the overwhelming majority of meat sold in UK supermarkets is own brand and from animals that have been stunned prior to slaughter so we do not see the requirement to separately label meat based on the method of slaughter.”

Andrew Opie, Director of Food and Sustainability

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