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Brewdog Chases The Coffee Market

BrewDogBrewDog to crossover into the coffee market

BrewDog has become the latest bar brand to pursue a bigger share of the coffee market, with CGA Peach research confirming the scale of the crossover opportunity now.

BrewDog has just acquired a 33% stake in the Third Wave Coffee brand, and plans to make its coffee available across its UK bars. BrewDog says the coffee operator’s principles—including a commitment to single-origin sourcing and craft production—are similar to its own ‘punk’ ethos, and that the partnership will be a good fit.

Other pub operators including JD Wetherspoon have been chasing more coffee sales for a while, and CGA Peach research indicates that there is plenty of room for growth in the hot drinks sector for them. Currently, only 3% of consumers who have visited BrewDog in the last six months have bought coffee—but 50% of them are out-of-home coffee drinkers at other times. Introducing a much better coffee offer could thus help BrewDog increase footfall by bringing in more people who might not otherwise visit.

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