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Home Front Outdoor Play Equipment

Home Front Outdoor Play Equipment

Commercial Play Equipment doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Many operators see the vast, expensive installations in public parks and think, rightly, that these are very expensive propositions. However commercial standard equipment can be had for affordable money and will make a huge difference to the attractiveness of your property. When making a choice there are a number of factors you need to consider; and you can work with your play area provider to get the best value for your own particular location.
What age group are you catering for? While it’s easy to say “children of all ages”, it is important to be more specific. Young children are not usually comfortable playing with older kids, so think who your target market is, and provide equipment that suits them.
How much of the garden do you want to dedicate to play equipment? Assuming you are lucky enough to have the luxury of space you also need to think of the people who want to enjoy a drink or meal outside in relative peace.
What about safer surfacing? Traditionally it has been accepted that any commercial installation should have safer surfacing, and there is no doubt that having it gives you better protection in the event of any liability issues. However it does add significantly to the cost of your play area so needs to be part of your budgeting process.
Finally, Planning Permissions. Unless you are replacing like for like, it is probable that any play equipment installation will need it. Your supplier will be able to provide you with scaled drawings to help your application, and remember the process takes 6-8 weeks.
So, it’s important to get the ball rolling now and be ready with a well-planned playground in time to capitalise on outdoor entertaining.

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Home Front Outdoor Play Equipment


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