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TME Thermometers

TME Thermometers

TM Electronics UK Ltd (TME) supplies 100% British made catering thermometers and probes:

  • long-lasting waterproof food thermometers,
  • colour-coded dishwasher-safe temperature probes,
  • stainless steel wall mount thermometer storage
  • portable sous-vide temperature kits,
  • cold-store monitors and food simulant probes
  • oven-proof meat probes
  • Bluetooth barcode thermometers for paperless recording
  • wireless monitoring systems with cloud-based data storage
  • water thermometers with built in timer for legionella monitoring.

Save money – add value

High accuracy food safe thermometers from under £50 and needle probes from as little as £15 – all delivering a fantastic 3 second ThermaSprint response.

The CA2005 low cost colour-coded range features waterproof probes you can clean in the ware washer or dunk in the sink. Great value and ultra-hygienic from just £65 or a full kit including stainless steel wall storage for under £150.

Fed up with replacing broken thermometers?

Our bestselling MM2000 thermometer is IP67 waterproof – not just splash proof – and includes a FREE thermoplastic cover for added strength, protection and a long life. Plus our unique Thermometer for Life guarantee promises lifetime repair/renewal for no more than £35 whatever damage you do!

Buy online or ask for a quote from our knowledgeable sales team – no order too large or small!

TME When temperature matters

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  • TME Thermometers
  • TME Thermometers
  • TME Thermometers

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TME Thermometers


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