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Have Parties, Me Hearties!

Any self-respecting pirate will be on the look-out for treasure and today the destination of every bloody-thirsty buccaneer is Peeks! That’s because the party supply company is packed full of chests dripping with pieces of eight. Peeks are the party ...

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Ecovery Innovations

Ecovery Innovations was launched in 2012 to provide energy saving products that lower carbon emissions, control grease build-up and control operating costs to the food and hospitality industries. Your first line of defence against fire, odour, grease build-up, and smoke. ...

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Fish & Chip Flavoured Crisps?

That’s right – and it doesn’t stop there. The Great British Crisp Company has a whole range of ‘meal in one bite’ flavours including Tikka Masala, English Breakfast and their newest addition: Cornish Pasty. If you’re more of a traditional ...

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The Comark Kitchen Checks-app

Paper records for HACCP creating an admin burden on your business? Records being lost or being completed after the fact? The revolution is here…. The easy-to-use Comark Kitchen Checks-app can be loaded with your HACCP plan and paired with the ...

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