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CEDA Confidence Survey Shows Boost from Public Sector

The latest quarterly confidence survey of CEDA members to July 2014 shows that almost 74% experienced a higher level of enquiries from the public sector when compared with the same period in 2013. The survey also indicated that over 68% had recorded better year-to-date sales in 2014.

Adam Mason, CEDA Director General, comments, “CEDA’s quarterly confidence survey is a useful barometer for how the foodservice sector and the wider UK economy are performing, and it is really encouraging to see a boost for public sector work, although a substantial proportion may have come from the rush for primary schools in England to be ready to provide free school meals to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils from September. We will delve deeper into the driving forces behind the upturn in public sector work in the coming months where we know additional work from the care sector is also keeping members busy. A focus on the circa 25% who either remained consistent or dropped below their 2013 figures will also take place.

“Overall, we have to be delighted that the vast majority of catering equipment distributors within CEDA are reporting swelling order books, and with more than 70% suggesting that next quarter sales will exceed the same period from 2013 we can continue to be optimistic into 2015.

“Our role will include helping CEDA members and partners to make the most of more business opportunities with business enquiries tailored to their services, business support and technical and training advice to make sure their customer service is outstanding.”


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