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Celebrate National REAL Vanilla Day with LittlePod

Tuesday, 17th October is National REAL Vanilla Day. It is being hosted this year by Dart’s Farm in Topsham (winner of major farmshop awards).

Throughout the store on that day there will be a focus on vanilla; their chef will be cooking
a recipe from the LittlePod cookbook, the deli will be making vanilla smoothies, there will be Truly Scrumptious making vanilla beer truffles, Dave Buchanan, LittlePod development chef will be doing an online cooking demo. The foyer will be full of information boards about vanilla.
Burnham nurseries (specialist orchid nursery) have cultivated five planifolia’s to decorate the entrance. There will be free tastings of LittlePod’s vanilla beer in Green Valley Cider (inside the store) and free tastings of LittlePod’s vanilla beer ice cream! Plus lots more!

LittlePod are calling out to all the farmshops and deli’s around the country this year and hope they will support the #campaignforrealvanilla on their website www.littlepod.co.uk or twitter little_pod

Thank you for supporting the farmers on the equatorial belt. Madagascar suffered the worst cyclone in 13 years on March 7th and now vanilla is Black Gold once again! It will be a few years before things will settle. Meanwhile, LittlePod’s own vanilla farmer, Made Setiawan, is about to harvest the first of LittlePod’s own vanilla pods!

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