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Christmas Tree World

For over 30 years www.ChristmasTreeWorld.co uk has been supplying artificial Christmas trees to venues big and small throughout the UK.

In recent years they have also exported trees to embassies such as the British Embassy Rangoon, and theatres such as St Gallen Opera Company Switzerland. You will see their trees at the Royal Festival Hall, the Millennium Stadium, the Atheneum Club, Blenheim Palace and many more prestigious buildings, but as a  Lancashire based company they are dedicated to offering top quality products at down to earth prices.

Why artificial? Modern trees are so realistic it’s hard to tell the difference, www.ChristmasTreeWorld.co uk trees are fire retardant and robust, they don’t make a mess or introduce insect infestations and are guaranteed for 10 years, so the saving on buying a real tree every year is enormous. Even better if you choose a pre-lit tree, which are all LED, there is no need to mess with lights ever again. To create the perfect and magical Christmas ambience this year buy a tree from the experts, just click on www.ChristmasTreeWorld.co.uk

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