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Clamato from Empire Bespoke Foods

Tell me about Clamato – what’s in it?

Clamato ® history began in California in 1966 when it was created by the Duffy-Mott company by two employees who wanted to create a Manhattan clam chowder style cocktail. Clamato is made with the finest Californian tomatoes for a freshly picked flavour and is mixed with a blend of spices that liven the senses. It uses minimal processing and production for a balanced texture, with light and distinctive taste.

What makes it different to other tomato drinks on the market?

Clamato is different to other tomato drinks on the market due to the fact it contains premium New England clam broth.
And what makes it so popular in its home country of America?

The invigorating blend is perfect for cocktails, delicious to drink alone or to add a little depth to your favourite dish.

How versatile is it – how would you use it in cocktails?

Clamato is a classic cocktail mixer and can be used to make a bloody Caesar by just adding Vodka. This is Canada’s number one cocktail which was invented in 1969. Clamato is also very popular in central America where the traditional Michelada™ a beer cocktail was invented. The drink consists of Clamato with beer, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lime and pepper.

And in cooking?

It can also be used as an ingredient within food for example to make a prawn cocktail, Gazpacho, Chicken Tacos as well as a grilling marinade.

Why should independent retailers stock it?

Clamato is a versatile product that can be used for cocktails and food, it has a twist on the typical tomato juice and offers a point of difference to consumers. It is available in a glass bottle 473ml for a more premium look and feel and one person serving and is also available in a PET bottle 946ml.

Empire Bespoke Foods Ltd has been providing the finest branded foods from around the world since 1997.

Based in West London, the business is one of the UK’s most respected food importers, distributors and brand-builders, representing over 100 brands across 13 categories, with an extensive portfolio of products sourced from Asia, Europe and America.

For more information on the product range or how to stock, please contact Empire Bespoke Foods on 0208 537 4080, by email info@empirebespokefoods.com, or visit our website www.empirebespokefoods.com.

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