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Clear Brew – Professional Beer Line Cleaning

Clear Brew provide you with a regular and dedicated professional beer line cleaning service.

We clean keg and cask lines not because they need cleaning but to maintain quality on a regular repeat 3 weekly cycle. Using a specialized water fed mixing unit, coupled with inhibitors, plus market leading chemicals and our thorough techniques, all carried out by our experienced technicians.

This service is guaranteed to save you money, reduce your wastage and improve the quality of your draught products, in turn it will also reduce your risk and maximize your yields and add real value to your business.

Our experienced technicians complete a full line clean plus cellar check on each visit to ensure your products and equipment are sustained in top condition. We use our own fully integrated verification system inputted by our technicians live whilst on site after job completion and uploaded to a central data base. This allows us to maintain standards not only in individual accounts but across our entire network and ensures that we provide a first class service time and time again.

For further details of Clearbrew tel 0800 7810577, visit www.clearbrew.co.uk

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