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Coal On Draught! If Only That Were True?

Using Smartbunker-It’s as easy as pulling a pint!!

Are you tired of getting cold, dirty and dusty whilst working hard to give your customers a warm welcome?

Originally designed for arthritis and chronic back pain sufferers, the multi- purpose, multi-award winning Smartbunker provides ideal storage and an easy to use dispensing system for coal, wood pellets or salt & grit.

•Fully waterproof

•Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

•Lockable lid

•Easy assembly in under 5 minutes

•Can be secured to the ground if required

•Easy to use dispenser system


“One of the best things we ever bought… #smartbunker … would happily recommend… well done and best of luck!”
Suzanne J Brant

“Brilliant product, very well made, light and so easy to move around if needs be. A clean and tidy addition around any house or property.”
Patrick L

If you’re interested in having your coal, wood pellets, or grit on draught (no pipes to clean) then visit our website, watch our videos and ask us some questions.

Visit www.smartbunker.co.uk for details.

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