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Colshaw Hall Adds Chalet Pods from Green Eco Living

Exclusive Wedding Venue Colshaw Hall, Cheshire has just taken delivery of Two Windermere Chalet Pods from Green Eco Living.

Colshaw Hall a 300 acre estate Grade II listed exclusive wedding venue in Cheshire has recently taken delivery of Two Chalet Pods as a way to increase their accommodation. They choice the top of the range Windermere Chalet Pod which includes a top spec Kitchenette and will have an outside decking area for people to sit out on warm summer evenings. This will make the Chalets not only extra accommodation but that little bit more special for guests.

With 300 acres of land around the main home the owners see Green Eco Living’s Chalet Pods as a way to increase the amount of accommodation without affecting the history and feel of the main house which is listed. But with ever larger wedding taking place at the venue the amount of onsite accommodation was becoming an issue that needed to be addressed to maximise the return on ever event and of course improve the experience for the guest, step forward Green Eco Living and our Chalet Pods. Although they have ordered only two to begin with, they are already looking to the future and further ordered to increase accommodation to meet the anticipated demand.

The Chalet Pods are to be housed in a secluded wooded area on the estate giving the guests privacy from the main house, this in time may well become a separate area within the estate.

Green Eco Living’s Chalet Pods are unique in that they are fully insulated as well as being double glazed, contain full en-suite not a wet room and with the option of a kitchenette. You can also include wardrobe space if you wish. The Chalet Units come in a number of different sizes and layouts which can always be tweaked to suit individual requirements.

Green Eco Living had developed the most thermally friendly, efficient Chalet Pod on the market in the UK. Not only are the walls insulated, but also the ceiling and floor.

Based in Lancashire, Green Eco Living is a leading provider of Chalet and Camping Pods who also offer Boutique Hotel Rooms and Garden Rooms for the every space. These are built on site so can be used when access is an issue.

For more information on Green Eco Living and our product range, visit the website www.greenecoliving.co.uk, call the office on 01257 453 791 or email ask@greenecoliving.co.uk.

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