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Commercial Sofabeds Ltd

Commercial Sofabeds Ltd is a UK company that offers unique, superior quality, specialist sofa beds that maximise space, and generate extra revenue to all types of businesses within the hospitality sector

Our modern & elegant designs augment and totally transform any space, making it an attractive, flexible option for your business.
Our quality products will enable you to boost your turnover without adding extra capacity or even adapting the room. What’s more, they are smart pieces of furniture in their own right.

Commercial Sofabeds has developed specialist design and technology to make the products durable and long-lasting. We are pleased to offer you a compelling return on your investment with us. Our sofa beds are robust items of furniture that will stand the test of time – even with several years’ use on a nightly basis. Unlike so many flimsy, poorly constructed sofabeds, we’re proud to guarantee a comforting, cosy night’s sleep again and again.

All our fabrics and mattresses comply fully with British Standards, with the former chosen for their tested durability and natural stain protection qualities. They’re easy to clean, too, due to the specialised condition of the fabrics offered.

For further details Tel: 02392 410100 or Email: mike@commercialsofabeds.com

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