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Customers Asking for the TV Audio?  Install AudioZone

AudioZone solves the issue of customers wanting TV commentary when you have music or a different match commentary on the main audio system.  

The small AudioZone server transmits your TV audio to customers’ smartphones so that they can listen on their own headsets.  This means sports fans can stay tuned to the cricket or rolling sports news all day while others listen to music.  If you only have one physical audio zone this system allows you to keep more than one group of customers happy when there is a clash of sports events on TV.  The app is free and requires no intrusive permissions.  Setup is easy, just connect the audio from your Sky/BT box or directly from you TV and power up!
Promotional material is included with your order.  For pricing and to order visit www.audiozone.net or call AudioZone sales on 0207 175 8880.

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