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Darégal Gourmet win GOLD at BFFF Awards

cooleazeThe Gold Award for Best New Accompaniment/Potato/Vegetable product this year at the British Frozen Food Federation’s Annual Product Awards was won by Darégal Gourmet for their Red Pepper & Rosemary Cool’eaze.

The Cool’eaze range was borne from the collaboration between Darégal, world leader of culinary herbs and the Parisian Chef Christian Le Squer. Inspired by fine cuisine, the range of culinary herb coulis was created using simple, quality ingredients that deliver pure, balanced top note flavours of aromatic herbs.

The diversity of flavours within the range will exceed diner expectations, and with the convenient precision tip packaging will allow chefs to demonstrate artistic flair on hot and cold dishes. The bottle design allows for portion & cost control and will garnish around 100 plates.

The winning Red Pepper & Rosemary coulis, unites the Mediterranean notes of rosemary with the sweetness of red pepper and with its sun-burst colour adds vibrancy to the plate. Ideal gourmet pairings to bring the dish alive include lamb, duck, prawns and many more…

Darégal established for over 130 years continues to select, cultivate and create a wide range of natural and convenient culinary herb solutions for the foodservice professional, whilst preserving the visual aspects, olfactory notes and aromatic taste of aromatic herbs. This year’s fantastic result at the BFFF awards highlights Daregal’s ongoing commitment to creating innovative, high quality products using natural, aromatic ingredients.

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