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Data Cleansing For GDPR – A Business OPPORTUNITY Not A THREAT

I am sure you will have by now heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force after May 2018. GDPR is all about data – your data.

After May 25th, your business will fall into one of two groups. You will either be GDPR compliant, which will enable you to continue to use your customer data to market your products and services. Or you will be in a group that finds itself unable to use its data for fear of getting hit with some very large fines by the Information Commission Office.

Many businesses have not taken steps towards compliance. Those that do will have a clear competitive advantage. The quicker you become compliant, the bigger the advantage and the first step is clean data.

Hopewiser, has taken its expertise, finely tuned over the last 36 years and put it into a new online service for address cleansing. Simple to use, you securely upload your data at the press of a button. The software has access to the latest in-built Postcode Address File, Deceased, Movers, Mailing and Telephone Preference Files.

The system analyses your data and picks a sample to show the likely address match rates against the data. It also allows you to find and remove duplicates within the file. You can then choose to generate the results of the full file and pay for it with Worldpay or by credit card. The reporting is immediately available, so no more waiting around for external service providers. Prices start from £35 for a data cleanse. For more details www.hopewiser.com/address-cleanse

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