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Departure From The EU Will Allow Us To Reduce VAT On Hospitality Says MP

A viewpoint by Nigel Evans, Conservative MP for Ribble Valley

Nigel evans, Conservative MP for Ribble Valley has issued a strong backing for reducing VAT in the hospitality sector once Britain leaves the EU.

Speaking today Evans said “As the UK moves to leave the EU we need to take this opportunity to reduce VAT in pubs and restaurants. “

“The hospitality sector is a bellwether for the wider economy and the government must ensure that it is taxed fairly and at levels which will ensure its continued prosperity after Brexit. “

“We need to make sure that we do everything we can to ensure our pubs and restaurants have a fair deal on tax to remain competitive and that they are able to thrive. “

Acknowledging the contribution the sector makes to the economy he went on to say “Pubs, bars and casual dining outlets are essential engines of economic growth and the fact that our departure from the EU means that the government can now impose reduced levels on VAT on the sector I hope my colleague the Chancellor of the Exchequer will grab this chance with both hands.”

“The opportunity to reduce VAT in pubs and restaurants is now more achievable as the UK leaves the EU, unconstrained by European Commission rules which currently prevent this.”

Comparing the high level of VAT the UK is taxed compared to our EU counterparts he said “I know that in Romania for example their hospitality sector is taxed at lower rates than in the UK. It seems blindingly obvious to me that we should do the same here. I am fully supportive of the work the Vat Campaign supported by UKHospitality and the BBPA have been doing to convince my ministerial colleagues of the need for a reduction.”

“Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin, as well being a doughty supporter of Vote Leave has been especially articulate in demonstrating how a VAT reduction will lead to increased employment in the sector as well as over time drive up the tax take from the industry, which would be achieved by higher sales.”

“It’s long been recognised the unique economic and social role of the pub and casual dining sectors and we must pledge to ensure the benefits of leaving the EU, including the reclamation of the UK government’s ability to levy taxes such as VAT at rates appropriate to the British economy will be implemented in short order after 29th March 2019.”

He added “I look forward to continuing to back the campaign in Parliament.”

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