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Deposit Scheme Must Not Increase Hospitality Burden

UKHospitality has warned the Government not to increase costs or restrictions for hospitality businesses through any proposed deposit scheme and called on it to create an opt-out for business where drinks are sold on the premises.

The Government has today announced its intention to introduce a deposit scheme for single-use glass and plastic bottles and steel and aluminium cans.

UKHospitality has warned that any scheme must take into account hospitality businesses that may be disproportionately hit by a cost for single-use packaging.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The Government’s proposal for a deposit scheme highlights the need for a united front from the sector to tackle the problem of packaging waste and avoid additional costs for businesses.

“The hospitality recognises the challenge and is already playing an active role in providing solutions and is not underestimating the importance and cost implications.

“There is, however, a genuine worry that this scheme will simply increase costs for businesses while not providing the action required to tackle packaging waste.

“Any scheme needs to make a provision and an opt-out for hospitality businesses to ensure they do not incur a disproportionate and massive cost burden that could potentially drive some employers out of business.

“If the Government is serious about tackling the problem of waste, it also needs to ensure that funds generated by the deposit scheme are ringfenced to provide improved recycling facilities across the UK. UKHospitality will be making this point to the Government, highlighting the positive work already being done by businesses to tackle waste.”

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