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Digital Food Safety And Temperature Monitoring Saves Time, Money And Stress

If like most food businesses managing food safety paperwork is time-consuming and cumbersome, Checkit will help you. How? Checkit is a completely paperless food safety and temperature monitoring system created with the help of food inspectors. It replaces paper checklists and diaries with a handheld device that prompts staff when to do food safety checks and creates your food safety records automatically.

Checkit comes with smart wireless temperature probes for hot and chilled food checks and notify staff if food is in the safe range and what to do if not. Checkit wireless sensors are placed in fridges, freezers and chilled cabinets and continuously record temperatures 24 x 7. All temperature data is automatically time-stamped and stored securely online for visibility and compliance.
When it’s busy in the kitchen it’s easy to miss checks or forget to fill in the paperwork.

With Checkit you can make sure your food safety and cleaning tasks always get done and it completely eliminates food safety paperwork from the kitchen. Even in the smallest business, this will save at least a day of time, each month.

To book an online demo visit: www.checkit.net/request-a-demo/ or call 01223 371027.

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