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DOCSIS – Delivering SMART TV Through Coaxial Infrastructure

Featuring IP-over-coax functionality, Samsung’s HE694 display is an exceptional alternative for hotels who wish to implement IPTV but lack the resources to rebuild their infrastructures.

Today’s digitally savvy guests are becoming more and more demanding, a guest-room SMART TV is no longer seen as a luxury but as a standard amenity. Until recently however, a significant barrier has prevented many hotels upgrading to a smart TV system.

Smart TVs require wired ethernet. The subsequent installation of this and the replacement of existing coaxial cabling (that runs throughout the majority of hotels) is expensive and disruptive. Step forward DOCSIS technology…

DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) is an international telecommunications standard, enabling the delivery of an IP service over coaxial cable. Simply speaking, this allows the distribution of a smart service without having to upgrade existing coaxial infrastructure.

The upgrade of a hotel’s network infrastructure to incorporate a CAT 5/6 (ethernet) system is not always possible. Typical barriers include a lack of available funding, concerns about guest disruption or complicated building regulations. DOCSIS provides another option.

A DOCSIS enabled television is a little more expensive than a similar sized SMART TV, however this differential is dwarfed by the cost-saving against an ethernet cabling installation.

Airwave and Samsung provide a DOCSIS solution, models are available in 32” – 49″ sizes – to find out more, call 0845 555 1212 or info@airwave.tv

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