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Earn A Living In France

LeggettLeggett Immobilier FRANCE is proud to present its’ brand-new service aimed at helping international clients buy small businesses in France called Leggett COMMERCE & ENTREPRISE. Since the Brexit vote in 2016, we have monitored a great increase in the number of British citizens wanting to fast-track their plans of moving to France and to have a stream of revenue attached to the property they would buy. The most popular properties being B&Bs and Gîtes in particular. A team of specialized agents has been put to your disposal to help you find the perfect business for you whether it be a restaurant, Gîtes, hotel, B&B etc. Our bilingual team works closely with dedicated English-speaking lawyers, notaries and accountants, specialising in helping international clients setup their business in France. Get ahead and call us now!

Contact: Timothy Austin Smith
Tel.: +33 (0)5 53 60 79 08
Email: LCE@leggett.fr

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