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Energy Saving, Tailor Made For Hotels

Rointe, a company specialised in creating cutting edge, efficient heating systems, understands that providing maximum comfort to customers is one of the highest priorities of the hotel industry.

The ability to have control over your room’s temperature in tourist establishments is one of the fundamental aspects of the hotel rating system, the four main criteria being excellence, comfort, amenities and quality. Having a comfortable, safe healthy environment is vital in this aspect.

An extremely cold, humid, or hot room is something a Hotel can’t afford to have. To avoid this consider having a system that will help you manage and control the rooms independently, to suit every guest’s personal needs.

In this respect, Rointe provides heating systems that deal with a lot of the issues which arise from inferior heating systems that lack the features necessary to provide comfort, while being profitable for the establishment.

Rointe has developed and patented a technology which offers a pleasant room temperature without altering its humidity. Our radiators and engine cooling machines are able to keep a comfortable and constant temperature with minimal variations as little as over -0,07ºC, always making sure to stay within the relative humidity standards of 40% and 70% or “ideal comfort zone”.

Rointe’s heating system can increase energy-saving up to a 62%.

Adding to that, Rointe’s radiators can dissipate heat through the natural convection of air, and meet a selected room temperature with an airspeed index of less than 0.1 m/s and a general temperature of less than 40ºC during the steady-state period. This results in no drafts, hot or cold air currents, or an over humid environment.

Energy savings and remote control

On the other hand, the company’s systems guarantee you can efficiently control the temperature of an entire floor, a specific room or each radiator and towel dryer individually, even from the front desk of any hotel, complex, hostels, etc. Giving you over 62% energy savings thanks to its management systems.

The D-Series devices feature a low-power Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology. This technology allows them to use only 38% of their total power, meaning that to keep a room at the proper temperature of 21ºC they will only need to use 38% of the heaters capacity. This will make your monthly energy bill significantly lower.

Additionally, with the Rointe Connect App, you can gain access to any of your devices in the room to control and program it individually by remote control.

Rointe’s central digital heating system offers real-time energy consumption data, itemised by each device or zone, thanks to its True Real Power current meter. This allows you to see the daily, weekly and monthly usage and more importantly savings accumulated.

For details please call 01432 598 019, email sales@rointe.co.uk or visit www.rointe.co.uk.

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