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Enjoy Afternoon Tea à la Française at The Restaurant Show

Entremont was created in Haute Savoie in 1948. Today, almost seventy years later, our company is anxious to preserve this traditional expertise. Entremont is the only French brand that matures Emmental made with pasteurised milk using traditional maturing techniques.

If you want to buy French, you have come to the right place! 100% of the milk used to make our cheese is French. We have also been engaged in a NFV01007 certified quality process for twenty years.

One of our primary daily concerns is to meet consumer expectations, demands, and gourmet whims as closely as possible. And yes, this is our best source of inspiration as well as being the most daring! By listening to you, Entremont innovates and offers products that are ever closer to your needs.

Entremont will warm up your winter evenings! Warm mountain ambiance and conviviality guaranteed! Discover a wide range of gourmet cheeses for hot dishes with our selection of cheese for raclettes and fondues.

Come and enjoy Afternoon Tea à la Française at The Restaurant Show at Olympia from 2nd – 4th October 2017, Stand UL61.

Alternatively visit https://view.publitas.com/sodiaal/brochure for further information.

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