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Enomatic Wine Preservation and Dispensing Technology

Elite-Italy-1-1Enomatic is the world leader in wine preservation and dispensing technology. Whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, bar or wine merchant you can reap the benefits of the Enomatic wine dispense systems. Business owners see waste elimination and the ability to provide fine wines by the taste or the glass continue to increase profits – for the consumer, high-quality wines become available by the taste or the glass by virtue of preservation.

These state-of-the-art dispensers use patented technology and inert gas to displace the air in open bottles and preserve the wine for up to 21 days. Automated portion-controlled pours eliminate waste and maximise profits. The wines are presented with precise temperature control, and by virtue of preservation you’re afforded time to sell the product whilst ensuring the integrity of the wines presented.

Used for ‘back bar’ service by staff, for sampling, or with wine card services for a self-service environment, the dispensers offer a dynamic tool for businesses to allow a ‘try-before-you-buy’ facility, or to upsell product, or, depending upon licensing, for customer self-service providing a little theatre without the need for extra staff.

The benefits are many; in each setting, business is optimised by the ability to offer a wider choice of wines and simultaneously fulfill the expectations of the savvy consumer, meeting the demands of the market and realizing higher margins and increased profits. With sampling and interactive tastings, there is the element of wine education for customers, and the perpetuation of the wine culture and increased customer knowledge.

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