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Enter The Era Of Multidimensional Dining

An outlandish new experimental concept pioneered by GINGERLINE, the creators of London’s top-selling underground immersive dining experiences.

Gingerline, the pioneers of the immersive dining scene in London, are back with a whole new evolution on what they do best – taking punters on incredible edible journeys, curated to bombard the senses and satisfy the most curious of appetites, all shrouded with secrecy. This time their brave followers are invited to adventure to The Secret Island – a one-off month-long event heralding the future of immersive dining.

The Secret Island, involves a stunning new multidimensional format where brave guests feast in, not just one parallel reality, but a sequence of contrasting dining dimensions, each containing a mouth-watering course of mysterious deliciousness. The format fuses all the Gingerline trademarks: total-secrecy, four-course avant-garde cuisine washed down with delicious drinks, full immersion in a theatrical concept in a top-secret location, with all-new twists, turns, shimmies, shakes and, why not, some time-travel too. Other details are necessarily sketchy, but this maiden voyage comes with one guarantee: this will be nothing like what you’ve seen, felt or tasted before.

The Secret Island comes just weeks after closing its magical doors on a 6-month sold-out Gingerline Jubilee event – which saw over 12,000 intrepid diners cross over the threshold. Other adventures have seen diners tumble through labyrinthine corridors into a mad puppeteer’s workshop in Forest Hill, initiate themselves into the secret cult of Gingerline in a Canonbury Chapel and leave Earth for Planet Gingerline on an intergalactic cabaret-fuelled spaceship out of a Haggerston basement. The Secret Island promises to be their most ambitious and challenging project to date.

“Gingerline thrives on adventure, reinvention and innovation! This experience was inspired by our travels last year” said Kerry Adamson, co-creator of Gingerline. “We have a very supportive partner on this project, but we can’t discuss their involvement at this stage without giving the concept away!’’

When guests book they choose a specific dining date and time. On the night of their booking they will be texted at 4.30pm with details of where to find the secret location* and gateway bar. They arrive in plenty of time to drink and frolic. Then at their selected dining slot you will be taken on your multidimensional dining adventure to The Secret Island.

Who is brave enough to be part of Gingerline’s biggest experimental extravaganza to date?

More information and full dates and times are available at

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