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Entertainment Deregulation Can Promote Talent And Growth In UK Pubs

New-ALMR-logo1Responding to the proposed changes to the Licensing Act 2003, the ALMR has commended the Government’s common sense approach to freeing-up pubs as the UK’s natural home of live music and entertainment.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has laid before Parliament a draft Legislative Reform Order which seeks to deregulate entertainment licensing.

The LRO will deregulate the playing of live and recorded music between 08:00-23:00 before an audience of up to 500 people in licensed premises.

ALMR Strategic Affairs Director, Kate Nicholls said: “It is encouraging to see the Government taking steps to decrease bureaucracy for licensed hospitality and allowing pubs to offer entertainment without the need for costly and time-consuming paperwork.

“The Government’s response to the consultation noted that pubs in the UK are a breeding ground for aspiring musical talent and a vital hotbed feeding the country’s creative industries. Pubs have always provided a home for new music from folk and acoustic rock to electronic music and DJs. Many of the country’s most successful and best-loved bands from Black Sabbath to Coldplay began their careers playing in pubs.

“The response also notes that pubs face above average compliance costs, increased levels of red tape and slim profit margins. Entertainment costs accounted for 5.4% of turnover with other operational costs costing a further 5.4% last year.

“If we are to see pubs continuing to drive growth in their local economies, as well as fostering promising artistic talent, then we need to see continued support from Government.

Pubs and clubs are fantastic places to enjoy many different and disparate musical acts and genres.

They can continue to provide us with such entertainment only if they provided with the means to do so”

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