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esp-picRenewable Energy has become mainstream and affordable in recent years and should be considered for heating and lighting in all new projects.

ESP energy are MCS accredited, ensuring that your project will be implemented to the highest standards. Our experience of over three hundred commercial installations has included the following – Heat Pumps, Solar Panels, Underfloor Heating, Biomass Boilers, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and District heating schemes.

We have recently completed a 2.2MW scheme is the picturesque tourist attraction “Portmeirion” in N Wales. A total of 27 properties have been linked together onto one district heating scheme with over 3.5 miles of underground pipework.

This project tested our skill and ingenuity, due to the 70m height difference from the castle at the top, to the hotel at the bottom, areas of pure rock to dig through and delicate architecture.

This project was carried out in the winter months, between November and March, when there were fewer visitors to the village – The site was open to the public the entire time! All work had to be scheduled around the paying guests and their requirements.

ESP energy can be contacted at info@ESPenergy.co.uk or phone 01743 718003 to discuss your project or visit www.ESPenergy.co.uk

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