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‘Fast Dining’ Habits Increase After Work Dinner Bookings On Mobile By 34%

Bookatable, the restaurant booking service, reveals that UK diners are creating a ‘fast dining’ culture with two in five (41 per cent) diners now booking restaurants through tablets or mobiles, compared to 7 per cent in 2011, an increase of 34%.

The findings show that mobile devices are driving a new after work fast dining culture, with restaurant searches on mobile and tablet spiking at 7.07pm as post work hunger pangs kick in, compared to 12.21pm on desktop.

These tech savvy diners spend an average of 11 minutes hunting for a venue before booking; drawing on this demand for instant bookings, the new Bookatable app enables users to seek inspiration, book and browse without fuss.

Desktop diners spend more

Despite their spontaneous habits, mobile and tablet diners are revealed to be thriftier than their desktop booking counterparts. Desktop diners were found to spend up to 37 per cent more, parting with an average of £37.78 per person compared to the £27.63 bill which ‘fast diners’ rack up.

Women were found to be leading the rise of the mobile trend, accounting for 61 per cent of bookings from smart devices, compared to 39 per cent from men.

Although less willing to splash the cash, mobile and tablet diners are shown to be interested in discovering new dining locations while on the go, with two fifths (44 per cent) making reservations to a new restaurant for the first time through a mobile device.

Understand the dining and restaurant booking behaviour of Britons

The research, based on over 850,000 Bookatable users, was carried out in conjunction with the launch of the new Bookatable app to better understand the dining and restaurant booking behaviour of Britons.

The Bookatable app makes it easy it to explore, discover and book restaurants where ever you are and whenever you want. Consumers can take full advantage of real time restaurant availability meaning that they can find a table at a moment’s notice. Other features include the exclusive ‘Star Deal’ and ‘book now, pay later’ promotions, with mobile users also gaining primary access to deals a day earlier than everyone else.

Joe Steele, CEO, Bookatable, commented: “This significant increase in restaurant booking through smartphone and tablet devices indicates a major shift in the marketplace and shows that consumers are no longer making these kinds of decisions from a static position. Indeed, as people increasingly rely on connected devices, the more they are using them to purchase products and make reservations on the move. It is simply more convenient for diners and in a world of instant gratification we expect no less from our restaurant booking experiences. ”

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