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Fast Food Delivery and Efficiency Leaps

2.0_orderView_comp41814New innovation from LRS includes our Table Tracker system. This new system allows servers to deliver food to the exact table within your restaurant. Forget spoons, table tents or anything else because Table Tracker can get food on to tables within literally three minutes!

Here’s how it works: Give the customer a Table Tracker when they pay and let them choose their table. As soon as they place the Tracker on the table the system ‘knows’ exactly where they are seated. Even if they change tables no problem, Table Tracker takes care of it automatically. When it’s time to take the food to the table the server knows exactly where to go.

Proven staff efficiency and massive service improvements

Increased profitability is the result of faster table turns in the restaurant business. Table Tracker offers obvious improvements of delivery, but also is collecting data on performance all day every day. Data is simply downloadable from LRS Connect and can easily be consolidated and analysed. It becomes simple to determine where problems exist whether bottle necks in the kitchen, slow staff responses or other issues.

LRS has sold this solution throughout the UK in mainstream high street fast casual restaurants and the results are frankly incredible. Increased service, less wasted food and far more efficient staff make the Table Tracker probably the best innovation for restaurants in years.

For further information contact Long Range Systems UK Ltd on 01782 537000 or visit www.lrspagers.co.uk for more information.

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