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Forum Warns BIS Committee Not To Bottle It When Questioning The New Pub Code Adjudicator

BISJust 8 days into his job as New Pub Code Adjudicator Mr Paul Newby, is to be questioned by a BIS select committee, after the British Pub Confederation, the Forum and others questioned his impartiality.

“We welcome his appearance in front of the committee as many of our members from the hospitality sector have contacted us asking how Newby’s appointment can be argued as independent, as their seems to be a clear conflict of interests.” Says Forum managing director, Ian Cass .

“Our members and other industry groups have been astonished by this appointment as Mr Newby is a director of a company that derives the majority of its income from the very companies the pub code legislation is intended to regulate. Over the last 20 years he has been engaged by many of these companies on issues like rent review matters and in selling off pubs,” Ian continued

“How can he be impartial, given that for 20 years his salary has been dependent on those he must now adjudicate on and potentially impose financial penalties on? Then at the end of his 4 year tenure as pub code adjudicator, we presume he will go back to that same company and continue in his role there.

“We hope that the select committee will take the opportunity and get to the bottom of this seeming conflict of interest, by asking Mr Newby to explain any interest he still has in Fleurets and whether he expects to once again derive the majority of his income from the large pub companies when his tenure is over. Britain’s pubs play a large part in our culture and heritage and the Trade deserves a fair code to protect it and an adjudicator who is trusted and respected by the whole industry,” Ian concludes.

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