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Four Details That Will Take The Guest Experience To The Next Level In Your Hotel

While you need to get your décor, customer service, and cleanliness right as a hotelier, it’s crucial that you focus just as much attention on perfecting the details if you want to wow your guests. The little things matter in the hospitality industry, and you’ll only create a truly five-star experience if you perfect the details of your accommodation.

Here’s our pick of four details that will really help take your guest experience to the next level. They won’t cost a bomb to incorporate into your business, but they could make a big impact on your bottom line.

Give a warm welcome

First impressions are powerful. Take your guests’ breath away when they open the door to their room and you’re on the right track to rave reviews and repeat customers.

There’s an art to engineering the perfect first impression, and interior design, quality furnishings, and impressive surroundings certainly come into it. There’s plenty of little things you can do to elevate an ordinary experience as well though. Show your guests you care by providing thoughtful touches like with a handy luggage rack for their suitcase and a well-stocked welcome tray full of premium tea and coffee. Little things like this can go a long way.

Beautify the bathroom

It’s easy to fall into the trap of treating your accommodation’s bathrooms as an afterthought. This is a big mistake if you want to make a bold impression, so make sure every room is sleek, sophisticated, and equipped with top-quality facilities from a premium manufacturer.

Just as in the bedroom, the devil is in the details for the bathroom too. Take the guest experience to the next level with top-end toiletries from a premium brand like Pure, Baylis & Harding, or Symbolic, and really wow visitors by artfully arranging them on an acrylic plinth. For a truly top-class experience, finish your bathrooms off with a Baylis & Harding jojoba, silk, and almond diffuser.

Step up room service

If you’re looking to set your hotel apart from the rest, then room service is a great area to focus on. Offering every guest the VIP experience will keep them coming back to your accommodation, so make sure you really pull out all the stops when it comes to wining and dining your guests.

Of course, spectacular room service starts in the kitchen, and you need to make sure your menus are up to scratch if you really want to make an impression. Presentation is also paramount when you’re aiming to provide a five-star experience, so make sure to go all out when it comes to equipment. Serving your room service meals on an Artesa lacquered bamboo serving tray or covering them with a Contacto cloche will elevate the experience for your guests and help them enjoy the meal even more. They’ll also appreciate it if you provide them with a handy tray stand, while a food warmer is a thoughtful touch that is sure to go down well.

Provide a well-stocked wardrobe

Nothing says “stingy” to a guest like a wardrobe with just a few measly security hangers. If you’re aiming for a five-star experience, provide your guests with a wardrobe that’s been well-stocked with quality men’s and women’s wooden hangers.

This is especially important if you want to attract corporate customers, who will have formalwear they need to keep neat and tidy. These guests are sure to appreciate a Brabantia ironing board and Igenix steam iron as well, as they’ll help them look their best before they set off in the morning.

Focus on getting these four details just right and, as long as you’re getting the big things right too, you’re sure to see a big impact on your business.

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