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FUSION – The Easiest Way To Becoming More Sustainable

Designed for the fast food industry in response to the demand for quick to install, reliable and lower carbon hot water, FUSION from commercial hot water specialist Adveco, has fast become an award-winning leader when it comes to integrating low-carbon electric water heating into restaurants, pubs and cafés.

Based around an electric boiler and specially designed ATSx cylinder (FUSION E), with the options of an air source heat pump and immersion heater, FUSION offers a range of pre-sized, packaged water heating systems for restaurant, coffee and brewery chains planning new buildings or a move from gas-fired systems to electrical alternatives in existing properties. Compact and space saving, FUSION was conceived to address typical kitchen and washroom demands, no matter the water conditions, 24/7 for assured business operations.

The FUSION T models offer a hybrid approach, employing an Adveco FPI32 monobloc heat pump which is especially efficient at lower temperatures. Using the heat pump to preheat cold water reduces the electrical demand on the boiler by as much as 30% delivering operational savings and reducing carbon emissions by up to 71%. The boiler tops up system heat to commercially safe operating temperatures (+60°C). Used in a sealed ‘primary’ loop the electric boiler heats the same water continuously, this has the added advantage in hard water areas of effectively eliminating limescale issues.

The two heating technologies are smartly balanced by Adveco’s bespoke controls, which ensure efficient operation and, by reducing demand on the boiler, extends the operational life span of the system. Separately controlled multiple immersions within the boiler offers immediate system resilience, but this can be further extended with the addition of an extra backup immersion (FUSION-Eplus & FUSION-Tplus) when provision of hot water becomes business-critical. This ensures there is no single point of failure within the system, and enhanced controls provide automated engagement of the immersion backup to guarantee hot water supply, whilst SMS output advises building managers of any fault scenario.

The focussed development of FUSION in 2023 earned Adveco an Innovation Award, as well as a Commercial Heating Product of the Year accolade. Discover how FUSION can help your business embrace sustainability today.