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Garlicky Portobello Mushrooms

garlicky-mushroomsDelicious barbecued or made with a contact grill.


4 Portobello mushrooms with stems removed
3 teaspoons olive oil
Diced onions or shallots
2 fat cloves minced garlic
A few soft leaved herbs (chives, basil and/or coriander) – fresh if available

Mix the ingredients and, placing the mushrooms cap side down, spoon the blended mixture equally on to the flat side of the mushrooms.

Place mushrooms, flat side up, in the pre-heated contact grill and lower the top. Cook for between 4 and 5 minutes. Serve as a side dish or, in a bun, with a slice of grilled halloumi cheese as a vegetarian burger.

Recipe supplied by Pantheon.

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