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Get Instant Visibility Into Your Food Safety and Quality

TraQtion, an independent subsidiary of NSF International, announces the immediate availability of its leading quality management software aimed at helping track compliance across suppliers, products and sites for restaurants and casual dining sector. The software provides a unique and trusted way to manage compliance at all sites and for all products. TraQtion can be used as a stand-alone tool or optionally combined with NSF International’s managed services to go beyond compliance and use data to meet business goals.

The TraQtion solution has already been applauded internationally for its exclusive, intelligent-compliance engine that goes far beyond simply storing data, but also scans, evaluates and interprets the data to ensure it meets requirements. TraQtion uses clients’ own thresholds and requirements to determine risk levels for suppliers, products and sites alerting clients of high-risk suppliers, products and sites. This is essential given today’s rapidly changing demand from both consumers and regulators to be more proactive and responsive to any risk that occurs.

Some of the capabilities of TraQtion include:
A unique intelligent-compliance engine that continually checks and send alerts to provide at-a-glance visibility to potential risks and critical responses
Advanced product specification management that helps customers track all product-related information, and share information collaboratively with the entire supply chain
A product inspection module for automatic identification of in-spec and out-of-spec products through testing and inspections
Advanced dashboards that provide a visual overview of a company’s quality and compliance program. A colour-coded compliance rating for suppliers, products and sites quickly helps identify any issues

Visit www.TraQtion.com or call +44 07966 556341

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