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Get Yourself an Advantage!

There’s a growing trend for reducing meat consumption and increasingly customers are seeking out vegetarian and vegan options. Restaurants and enterprises across the UK are starting to respond to this demand, looking to increase profit margins by offering more inclusive menus.

One large UK-based Italian chain reported a 150% rise in sales of vegan dishes since modifying their menu in 2017. In addition provision of vegetarian and vegan options will often be the deciding factor on where groups of people eat, and good vegetarian and vegan provision will immediately deliver an advantage over your competitors.

The Vegetarian Society Cookery School Professional Chefs’ Diploma is a blend of expert tutoring, knowledge and solution-led focus on helping you to create innovative offerings with minimal investment – making us the perfect choice to maximise your potential and meet the increasing demand for great vegetarian and vegan food across all sectors of the catering industry.

How the Diploma works

The intensive Professional Chefs’ Diploma programme aims to train participants in all aspect of vegetarian catering over five days.
It starts off with practical workshops aiming to give attendees a foundation base in vegetarian cuisine, techniques and food flavouring. Although the course is mainly practical, it also includes a mixture of tutor talks.

A practical exam is held on the final day of the course before students are presented with their Vegetarian Society Cookery School Professional Chefs’ Diploma.

Courses run throughout the year. For dates, cost and more info visit www.vegsoccookeryschool.org/diploma or call 0161 925 2000.

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