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Grubby Glasses Causing Customer Cleanliness Concerns In British Bars

pintNew research reveals pubs and bars risk losing over half of their customers because of this issue 

A new survey by Miele Professional has revealed that dirty glasses are such an issue for British pub and bar customers that 56% of them won’t return because of this issue. This finding means that collectively, the UK pub and bar sector is putting over £33 billion a year* in customer revenue at risk, through a lack of cleanliness.

On top of this, being served a drink in a dirty or smelly glass has caused 36% of customers to complain to the bar staff and 13% to refuse to pay or leave the pub or bar.

Cleanliness also affects a pub or bar’s reputation, with 17% of those surveyed having posted on social media after a negative experience, often warning friends and family not to go to the establishment in question. Pub and bar owners therefore need to respond to the importance their customers place on cleanliness.

Other big turn-offs for customers are waiting too long to be served (71%),  being served in the wrong order (61%) and other customers pushing in front of them (51%).

Les Marshall, Sales & Marketing Director at Miele Professional commented:

“Our research reveals just how closely customers pay attention to their surroundings when visiting a pub or bar, and the damaging effect that something as avoidable as a dirty glass can have on their overall experience. The knock-on effect is potential lost revenue to the business.”

“Miele Professional has a wide range of equipment that can help pubs and bars hit the highest standards of cleanliness and maintain a good reputation with their customers. Products such as the Tank under counter dishwashers use the latest technology to guarantee sparkling glassware while minimising water and energy usage.”

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