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Guaranteed Eradication of Bed Bugs

Bug-Drawer-Monitor-hi-res-1British Bug Control is offering guaranteed bed bug eradication as part of its breakthrough ‘Protect, Detect, Destroy’ system.

The guarantee is a result of extensive independent testing on bed bugs from the field, which concluded that there is a ‘frightening’ level of resistance to the chemicals that both professionals and amateurs can use to control bed bugs.
The company now only recommends heat treatment, as it kills the bugs in all their stages (including the egg stage) and which bugs cannot build up resistance to. It is able to offer national coverage and rapid response, and a 12-week guarantee.

Said managing director Gareth Purnell: “We independently tested over 30 chemicals on bed bugs from the field – both professional and amateur dose. The results could not have been clearer. The level of resistance among bed bugs to the sprays that can be used against them is huge. Many of the chemicals licensed to kill bed bugs had absolutely no effect whatsoever.”

With heat treatment rooms and/or items are gradually brought up to temperature under the guidance of experienced technicians. Sensors ensure difficult-to-reach areas where bugs like to hide attain the optimum temperature to completely eradicate the bugs for the required time frame, usually two hours.

“Not only is heat treatment the most effective approach. It is also the most convenient and cost effective for the hotel and accommodation industry because no furnishings have to the thrown away in the event of an outbreak, and rooms can be back in action straight away,” added Gareth. “Plus there is no need to repeat visits.”

The heat treatment guarantee forms the cornerstone of British Bug Control’s ‘Protect, Detect, Destroy’ system.

Protection if offered through the Cimexine Sure-Guard mattress and bed base encasement, which take away the preferred harbourage points for the bugs. They are also silky-soft and fully waterproof, and many hotels are buying into them because they keep the mattress pristine and prevent any accidents ever making it through to the mattress itself.

Detection is offered through the use of highly-trained bed bug screening dogs, which can rapidly sweep hotels and have been known to check over 200 rooms in one day.

Cimexine-Logo-NEW_LargeThe company has also developed the only bed bug monitor with a viewing window, meaning housekeeping can check for bed bugs once a week without having to risk coming into contact with them. The Bug Drawer Monitors sit discreetly at the back of the bed base and act as an effective on-going early warning system for bed outbreaks.

More information on the system and all products at www.cimexine.com

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